Receiving Dock Automation & RFID

Introducing the D-Series™ Door Dock RFID & Automation System

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The Challenge

Slow, Inaccurate Data Processing at the Dock

With global supply chain delays, increasing consumer demand, and labor shortages, how are you supposed to get products in and out the door faster? Rushing to process data with limited staff only leads to costly errors.

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The Solution

Fixed RFID Scanners for Door Docks

While radio frequency identification isn’t anything new, the hardware has taken a massive leap forward in terms of durability, adoption, and scalability. Rather than operator error, manual RFID scanning, or battery-powered tags on pallets, consider an automated door dock scanner. The differences are profound:

  • Designate and Control Your Read Zone
    Wave Antenna Technology allows for extremely low power requirements, tightly controlled RFID scan zones, and accurate reads without interference from adjacent dock points. Pallet level and item level RFID reads have never been easier or faster.
  • Extremely Rugged, Even for Forklift Impact
    D-Series® antennas are built to last in industrial, high traffic environments. The occasional bump from a forklift is no match for these door docks.
  • Completely Plug and Play
    No additional servers or A/C power need to be installed. The D-Series® runs completely off Power over Ethernet (PoE). With an easy installation process, you see immediate ROI, repeatability, and scalability anywhere dock door antennae are required in your supply chain.

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SLS D Series Dock Door RFID

The Products

D-Series™ from SLS

D-Series™ door dock readers are now available for installation in a variety of models, ranging from the SLS D-800 or D-500 to the lightweight D-200 and D-100 models. We can help you choose the best door dock solution for your needs.

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