Decommissioning benefits:

Decommissioning Recyle Decommissioning Buy-back Decommissioning Certified Data Wipe

Trade-In Old Smartphones and Tablets

A solution that includes:

  • Dispose of devices including lithium batteries at the end of their life cycle in an environmentally sensitive way
  • Asset recovery, handling and logistics
  • Full reporting on devices, dates and processes and buy-back value
  • Client receives a cheque or credit towards their account

Certified Data Security

Our process protects the security of data by wiping devices before re-use or retirement. Our tool supports multiple certified data wipe methods including the following:

  • OS re-install (iOS Products)
  • HMG IS5 (1 pass)
  • DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes)
  • VSITR (7 passes)
  • Gutmann (35 passes)
  • Schneier (7 passes)
  • Pfitzner (33 passes)