Greenworks Tools Small Team Tackles New WMS

Greenworks Tools has a North American team of about 250 people that is leveraging battery technology to transform the outdoor power equipment category. You’ll find their brand and OEM products in some of America’s largest home improvement and big box retailers.

Greenworks decided to move in-house a new Warehouse Management System (WMS), transitioning away from their 3PL provider. This required a major system implementation with SAP S/4Hana for their new WMS solution and new scanning hardware updates. The remote warehouse location had a small and mighty IT team that wears many hats including day-to-day troubleshooting across the facility’s assets.

Business Challenge
Standing up a new cloud-based WMS represents a big initiative to navigate and increased on-going support requirements. Existing scanners were well worn and difficult to use for operators who had to try to navigate multiple functions on small screens. Being a remote location, the on-site IT team’s ability to lean on corporate resources was limited. In addition, this was one of several big technology initiatives the company had in-flight and timing was important as peak season approached.

The Solution
Greenworks IT and OCR Canada quickly designed a hardware and service solution that met Greenworks’ unique needs and empowered its onsite IT team. The team choose the Honeywell CK65 mobile computer for its:

  • Large touchscreen and 38 key alphanumeric keypad with custom configured function keys
  • Ease of use and flexibility with its FlexRange FR Imager with near to far ranges to keep operators going
  • Perfect blend of keypad, touchscreen, ergonomics and rugged durability

Additionally, OCR Canada TrueSupport Managed Services were combined with Honeywell Edge Platinum coverage to help ease the burden of a large deployment and cover on-going support and repairs with Mobile Device Management and Help Desk support solutions.

Benefits and Results
OCR Canada Managed Services team supported the upfront requirements gathering and then provisioned, pre-configured, and kitted the devices, including pre-programming function buttons. When the Honeywell CK65 mobile devices arrived at the Greenworks warehouse, they were ready to be deployed — saving the onsite IT team days of setup and testing. As the new WMS was implemented, the OCR Canada team remotely updated new settings simultaneously to the mobile devices. Any future mobile device updates, troubleshooting, or repairs will continue to be supported by the OCR Canada Managed Services team.

The Greenworks IT team made their mobile device and shipping expansion update happen quickly – while keeping focus on delivering their cloud-based WMS project on-time. Leveraging OCR Canada turnkey services made their small team look big; and set them up for a hassle-free future where they focus on fast response times and device uptime while OCR Canada handles any mobile device repairs, updates, or troubleshooting. They’ve added a powerful solution that adds scale and flexibility to how Greenworks manages their evolving technology needs, while continuing to enhance the small and mighty IT team’s reputation.

“There’s never a dull day in my role and leveraging OCR Canada Services means I keep focused on keeping my stakeholders up and running.”


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