Brooklyn Public Library System Upgrades to Mobile Scan & Print Solution

The Brooklyn Public Library System Ensures Accurate Tracking of Library Assets with OCR Canada’s Mobile Scan & Print System.

Executive Summary

The Brooklyn Public Library was looking for a way to maximize productivity by enabling librarians and staff to replace damaged labels on their books. The OCR Canada solution takes the task – normally handled by a desktop PC, monitor, and a full-sized desktop printer on a cumbersome cart – and pares it down to a lightweight barcode scanner and hip-mounted mobile printer. OCR Canada installs customized and pre-programmed version of their Scan and Print firmware to ensure the barcode scanner and mobile printer are communicating.

The Business Challenge

The library had been looking for an efficient approach to keep their stacks up-to-date and in good order. Due to wear and tear, the barcode labels on books wear over time; making it difficult to track the books in real-time without having to reproduce stickers. The Brooklyn Public Library turned to a cart-style solution that included a desktop printer, connected to a battery placed on a wheeled computer cart. The librarians would then maneuver the loaded cart down the aisle, scan a barcode and replace the sticker via the desktop printer.

The Brooklyn Public Library soon learned that their cart solution resulted in a physically heavier load for the staff to carry and a loss of productivity from the amount of time it took to replace all barcode labels. They decided to invest in a lighter and quicker solution using the newest wireless technology. In this case, using a software-ready mobile computer would’ve been too cost prohibitive. Therefore, they turned to OCR Canada for help.


Taking into consideration the current systems the library had in place, OCR Canada provided an all-in-one package that would supplant the current bulky setup. The older technology simply could not be applied to newer hardware in an effective way. OCR Canada recommended the new line of Zebra P4T mobile printers, which incorporates mobile ruggedness and functionality, and rugged synthetic thermal transfer labels which can withstand the periodic handling of the staff or the daily abuse of the borrower. OCR Canada combined that printer with the Motorola LS4278 Bluetooth barcode scanner, which offers advanced programming features onboard that would make pre-configuration easy. OCR Canada uploaded the scan and print firmware necessary to pair the devices in order to work together in a wireless environment.

OCR Canada designed a solution to merge the capabilities of Motorola barcode scanners and Zebra mobile printers to create a lightweight, simplistic, and time-efficient way of replacing barcode stickers on library books.


After customizing and pre-configuring the hardware to the library’s standards, OCR Canada deployed the solution to their location.

The new solution allows the Brooklyn Public Library staff to pick up a pre-configured Zebra printer and Motorola scanner, walk down aisles with a lighter load, and reprint damaged labels while significantly cutting down on time and hassle over previous solutions.

The Future

The OCR Canada solution was exactly what the Brooklyn Public Library had hoped for. It was so well-received that multiple scan and print kits have already been deployed to over twenty public libraries.

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