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FlexShelf & FlexShelf Guide

How FlexShelf Robotics are Transforming Fulfillment

The FlexShelf autonomous mobile robot combines best-in-class mobility with open architectural flexibility, providing the greatest levels of efficiency and accuracy in your fulfillment operations. Touch the FlexShelf to activate, and it will follow along — eliminating ergonomic hazards and creating half the noise of carts. FlexShelf AMRs run quicker, last longer, and contribute more to your bottom line. Learn how FlexShelf can help you enhance employee productivity by up to three times while lowering injury rates by half compared to typical picking techniques.

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Zebra FlexShelf Guide Dual

  • FlexShelf is 50 percent quicker than previous “swarming”-based AMRs and can handle 67 percent greater capacity.
  • Optimize collaborative picking across numerous orders while coordinating employees and robots in real time.
  • Increase staff productivity and picking efficiency while minimizing training time to lessen the effect of workforce shortages.
  • For improved worker cooperation and productivity, it’s compatible with portable, voice, and vision devices.
  • To standardize automated control across the facility, it takes use of the optimization capabilities of warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse execution system (WES) partners.
  • Supports a range of e-commerce and wholesale picking procedures, including individual and batch picking, as well as replenishment and putaway interleaving.

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FlexShelf Guide Benefits

Product Features
  • Max Speed 1.75 m/s (3.9 mph)
  • Max Payload up to 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Glove-Friendly touchscreen is responsive and easy to use, supporting several languages.
  • Both the NFC reader and barcode scanner are fully integrated.
  • Custom peripherals can be connected to a USB hub.
  • Pick-to-light and put-to-side capabilities are enabled by multi-function smart LED illumination for improved precision
  • Adjustable shelves with increased dimensional capacity hold a wide range of totes, bins, and boxes.
  • The AMR system is ANSI/RIA R15.08 compliant and CE marked due to its open-shelf design, which allows loading and unloading from either side of the robot. Industry-leading on-board robot safety software and sensors enable the AMR system to be ANSI/RIA R15.08 compliant and bear the CE mark.

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