CartConnect500 Makes the Most of Your Material Movement

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Transporting Large Payloads Using Autonomous Carts

Many case and pallet procedures inside your business can be automated to decrease or eliminate the need of pallet jacks and forklifts for material movement. CartConnect500 allows you to transfer case goods, totes, cartons, and smaller palletized loads up to 272kg (600 lbs) securely and autonomously, as well as build up recurring processes to decrease dependency on material handling gear and allocate workers to higher-value jobs. The CartConnect500 has an integrated lift module that picks up and drops off a FetchCart, a detachable, industrial-grade cart created exclusively for the CartConnect500. Precision docking is enabled by unique markings mounted on the cart legs during pick-up and drop-off. You can also use any cart that matches our standards, allowing you to use any current carts you may have in your inventory.

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Fetch Robotics CartConnect500 Docking

  • In dynamic warehouse environments, carry case products, totes, boxes, and smaller palletized loads safely.
  • By eliminating manual travel with a pallet jack or forklift, this detachable, industrial-grade cart enhances pick and putaway efficiency.
  • Case selection, lineside delivery, kitting, workcell replenishment, and other distribution and manufacturing activities are all supported.

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Fetch Robotics CartConnect500

Product Features
  • After docking beneath the cart, the CartConnect500 extends its lift, and after lowering the cart, it retracts it.
  • Robot cart docking is possible from all four directions, giving you greater versatility in your operations.
  • CartConnect500 robots may be operated via a number of devices, including tablets and phones, or they can run on a pre-programmed timetable in FetchCore, requiring no device.

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