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Harvest Your ROI. Food Traceability Solutions You Can Afford

In an industry known for demanding some of the most highly coordinated supply chains ever developed, traceability has been a food-industry priority ever since the produce traceability initiative was established.

Fortunately, Traceability Systems have matured and finding one to suit your needs is now easier and more cost-effective than you might expect.

From Field to Fork

OCR, together with our leading partners Intermec and WaudWare, are your proven end-to-end solution providers. Meeting government compliance while helping to improve your operations, and getting your employees up to speed in an evolving industry.

Five Steps to a Successful Implementation of a Traceability System

1. Assess Your Operations
Define your business goals for better planning, and for choosing the best implementation partner.

2. Develop Your Technology Roadmap Analyze how your current IT infrastructure supports (or hinders) your processes.

3. Review the Technology Landscape Latest and greatest, or tried and true? Learn which technologies best support your goals.

4. Learn from Customer Failures and Successes
Let prior POD implementations guide you to the right solutions partner.

5. Develop a Targeted Implementation Know which findings matter most for refining your own POD solution.

Proper planning with OCR and our leading partners will ensure a painless implementation and a highly profitable food traceability solution. See for yourself how Food Traceability is easier than you might expect. Book a complimentary demo today and receive a combined total of 20% off your next hardware and software orders.

Growing It Forward

Book your Produce Traceability System demo before July 15, 2014 and receive a combined total of 20% off your next hardware and software orders.

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