Home Store Delivery

It is always exciting to be shopping for the latest that technology offers in the way of home appliances. Buying furniture that caters to your comfort and pleasure is also a delight. However, a retail experience can go sour when the sales associate arranges for the delivery of the product. You may have heard, “So can you Continue Reading

Aurora Barcode Acquisition

Last week we were proud to announce that the purchase of Aurora Barcode Technologies by OCR Canada was finalized. The barcode, RFID and wireless network solutions we offer have been expanded and our presence in Western Canada has increased. You can read the full Press Release on Marketwire, “OCR Canada Ltd. Acquires Aurora Bar Code Continue Reading

Wireless Network Shopper Analytics

Wireless Network Shopper Analytics

Brick-and-mortar retailers have been deploying wireless networks in their outlets not only to carry out day-to-day operations, but to allow their patrons to access the Internet as an incentive to shopping at their establishments. Some retailers have been using this service for years to establish a relationship with their customers. However, now they can use Continue Reading

Wireless Network Speed Boost

Wi-Fi Wireless Network Speed

Performance over a wireless LAN is not often what it is advertised to be. Wireless clients as well as nearby wireless Access Points compete for bandwidth over the shared medium of air. Just as copper can be a shared medium of a traditional wired network, air is considered the shared medium of a wireless network. Continue Reading

The Benefits of a Food Traceability Solution

The fresh produce industry is under pressure to become more accountable regarding the traceability of their products. Consumers are demanding more information about the food they eat. Mere nutritional facts are not enough anymore. They want to know what went into the preparation and the processes that were involved in growing the produce they eat. Continue Reading

How to choose a Wireless Network

It is one thing to implement a wireless network in a home and another to select a wireless network for an enterprise. Consumers are pretty much price driven when it comes to home wireless networks. However, when looking for an enterprise grade wireless network there are many factors that should be considered. These days corporations are Continue Reading

Future of the Barcode

I was recently interviewed by a production company on an upcoming special on barcode technology and was asked about the future of the barcode. That made me stop and think about the barcode, how it is used, and why it was necessary to invent in the first place. The barcode was invented to “dumb” down Continue Reading

Vehicle Mounted Mobile Computer Enhancements

Limiting disruptions and increasing reliability in warehousing operations optimizes the ability to forecast supply chain performance. The consequences of short-term supply chain disruptions on a company’s long-term financial performance can be severe. That is because the supply chain is the structural framework upon which business is conducted. If the supply chain is not optimized and Continue Reading

Wireless Networking for Apple Devices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the consumerization of IT are trends that are changing network architectures in almost every enterprise. Smart mobile devices enhance employee productivity because of their ease of use and the fact that most employees already use personal devices for work-related activities. Keeping up with these trends is imperative for the Continue Reading

Mobile Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery

Distributors and wholesalers often send sales representatives on the road to sell products to retailers. A sales representative can often make up to 15 calls per day where they need to track inventory, place orders for replenishment, print customer receipts, pick up and deliver orders to restock shelves, and print invoices. Typically at the end Continue Reading