Managing Your Expanding Fleet

Expanding a fleet can be a difficult process. With a countless number of assets and a growing number of vehicles and drivers, maintaining an efficient management method is challenging, but necessary to stay competitive. An unorganized fleet can be problematic as the costs of inefficient resource allocation can add up. Without visibility of your fleet, tracking the habits of drivers and identifying what resources are free to respond to new tasks is difficult, and the lack of this management ability can ultimately hurt the quality of customer service you can provide and inflate expenses. To help managers gain visibility into mobile logistics operations and simplify the jobs of logistics workers, companies can implement a fleet logistics system, comprising of mobile computers, wireless networking, and use of a custom application platform.

A significant benefit of adopting an effective logistics management system is that it streamlines the work process, freeing up more time to attend to additional tasks. On a handheld terminal, such as a Motorola MC75, employees can carry out operations on an application platform over the network. Using a digital pen, integrated camera, and other additional features, field workers can quickly process invoices, fill out forms, or complete other documents which can be immediately transmitted to the host server, thereby skipping time-consuming and error-prone paper-based processes. As your fleet grows, coordinating drivers can be difficult. However, with access to the network, workers can quickly look up the next task to be completed and even receive directions via GPS and guidance from management. The time saved means a larger fleet workload capacity and improved, unrushed customer service.

For management, fleet expansion means more to keep track of and, without an efficient system in place, coordination of your fleet, whether it consists of 10 or over 100 trucks, can get messy. However, when both truck drivers and administration are put onto an automated application platform and given handheld digital assistants, the process becomes much simpler. When every truck is equipped with a GPS-enabled device capable of tracking and recording the status of the vehicle – including location, driving speeds, and more – administration can easily identify inefficiencies and take steps to make more efficient use of their resources. Working over the network, management can easily communicate with drivers, providing them with dynamic routing decisions to save time and fuel. They can also monitor dangerous or inefficient driving habits and provide additional coaching to improve the performance of individual drivers. Extended visibility also allows the fleet’s entire inventory to be tracked, such as tools, spare parts, and more. With this information at hand, vehicles with the necessary assets can be guided to the appropriate location.

Developing the right logistics solution can be complex, but can help streamline the services of your expanding fleet. When looking to implement a fleet management transportation logistics system, OCR’s professional services team can provide you with the assistance needed to create an efficient logistics solution. We can help you map out and develop the ideal system for your specific application, getting your fleet to work better for you. Click Here To Get Started Today

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