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Cloud-Based Networks in Law Firms

With wireless networks becoming increasingly more common, even small businesses like law firms are beginning to implement their own wireless networks to reap the benefits that come along with them. However, a wireless network is no small investment and often requires a hefty investment to purchase the network controllers and equipment that are needed to Continue Reading

Wireless Networks in Retail and Hospitality

In the retail and hospitality industry, the quality of customer service provided can make or break a business. Competitive establishments are always looking for ways to provide efficient ways to nurture brand loyalty while improving profit margins. Setting up a wireless infrastructure in your retail environment can set your business up to succeed by streamlining Continue Reading

Building a Network for 802.11ac and Beyond

Designing a lasting, future-proof network can be a tough task, but a worthwhile effort for any business looking for a competitive edge and the ability to save money in the long run. Today, we are experiencing a move to a “mobile-first network” in which network traffic consists mostly of wireless access. With 802.11ac protocols replacing Continue Reading

Wireless Communications in Field Service

Mobile workers in field service work have an increasing need for wireless communications on their rugged mobile computers because of the benefits and boost in productivity associated with it. Workers on the road and out in the field can have access to corporate resources, accessing databases for additional information on products or services, as well as gain the Continue Reading

Selecting the Ideal Mobile Computer

Recognized as an important factor to keeping mobile workforces competitive in this economy, the mobile computer marketplace has exploded over the past few years offering on-the-go workers countless new tools and features to streamline their responsibilities. But with so many tablets, smartphones, and handheld terminals on the market now, the question for managers becomes: which Continue Reading

Building a Better Wi-Fi Network

Wireless networks in retail environments have become more and more popular as business-owners discover new and innovative ways to use Wi-Fi networks to offer their customers an enhanced experience. A Wi-Fi network can be used to improve your employee productivity or for a wireless payment system that can speed up long lines at the register. Continue Reading

Managing Your Expanding Fleet

Expanding a fleet can be a difficult process. With a countless number of assets and a growing number of vehicles and drivers, maintaining an efficient management method is challenging, but necessary to stay competitive. An unorganized fleet can be problematic as the costs of inefficient resource allocation can add up. Without visibility of your fleet, Continue Reading

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms

In the past, mobile workers in field maintenance and asset management operations have been difficult to track and organize. The only contact they made with management and administrative workers was at the beginning and end of the day or via phone calls. In an industry where employees can make up over 40% of a company’s Continue Reading

Wireless Wi-Fi Site Surveys

A reliable wireless network is an important part of maintaining productivity, and whether you’re installing a new network in the warehouse or looking to upgrade your current system in the office, a wireless site survey can aid in designing an optimized Wi-Fi network. A wireless site survey maps out the coverage area and provides information Continue Reading

Hotel, Retail, Restaurant Radio Communications

Two-way radio communications provide a low cost, efficient method for businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and schools to enable their staff to be responsive in a fast paced environment. However, two-way radio communications have come a long way. There are now options that will allow a two-way radio to contact a smartphone, a PC Continue Reading