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Barcode Usage In Transformation Manufacturing

Transformation manufacturing, some­times called process manu­factur­ing, is the process of converting raw materials into a finished product which cannot be distilled back into its basic components. For example, a can of soda cannot be returned to its basic components such as carbonated water, citric acid, potassium benzoate, aspartame and other ingredients. Transformation industries include food, Continue Reading

Mobile Inspections in Energy Utilities

Utilities in the energy industry provide services that are intrinsic to our everyday lives by generating, transmitting, and distributing resources as a service that impacts our welfare and lifestyles. There are utilities that provide electricity, water, gas, communications, and sewage. It is their mission to strive to control costs while providing sustainable energy to their customers. Continue Reading

Barcoding in Manufacturing

Manufacturing today is faced with challenges such as an unstable economy and a fierce global competition. With the trend towards just-in-time and customized products, manufacturing is faced with smaller and more frequent orders. These challenges are also squeezing margins razor thin. Internal issues are also causing intense pressure on manufacturers to do more with less. Continue Reading

Mobile Devices in Transportation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics industry include companies that move people, goods and services using rail, truck, and air transportation as well as including the logistics of distribution and warehousing. The main challenges of this industry revolve around real-time freight visibility, cost of fuel and labour, billing and collections, regulatory and compliance issues, asset utilization and Continue Reading