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Wireless Networks In Education

Educational institutions are attempting to attract the best students by delivering the skills they need through the innovative application of the technologies they already use. Multimedia is already a part of everyday lessons. Standardized testing is moving to an electronic format. Schools must find ways to support learning continuity in the face of inclement weather, Continue Reading

Enterprise Versus Consumer Mobile Devices in Warehouse and Distribution Operations

Today most consumers are familiar with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Android-operated cell phones as well as tablet computers. But are these devices practical and relevant for use in warehouse or distribution center operations? Answering this question and understanding its impact is being studied by the major rugged handheld device manufacturers such as Honeywell Scanning and Continue Reading

What are Barcode Symbologies?

Heck the word symbology seems made up since any spell checker will immediately highlight the word. A barcode symbology is a defined method of representing a string of text characters using bars and spaces (or square dots arranged in an array) that are easily scanned by digital electronic equipment. We have two basic categories of Continue Reading

What is AIDC?

AIDC is Automatic Identification and Data Capture. It includes such technologies as Barcode, RFID, Magnetic Stripe, Smart Cards, as well as Biometric Identification. The fundamental AIDC technology is barcode data collection. A barcode is the printed codes that consist of a series of vertical lines that vary in width. Barcodes are found in most verticals such as retail, hospitality, Continue Reading

RFID Business Solutions

After discussing what an RFID reader is, we now turn to understanding how they are used in business solutions. The most important concept to understand is closed-loop systems when trying to understand if an RFID solution is a fit. A closed-loop is a process that repeats over and over again. An example of a closed-loop Continue Reading

What is an RFID Reader?

We often get asked what an RFID Reader is. That is because people get it confused with an RF wireless LAN.  First off, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. That basically describes sending a digital string of data over a radio frequency signal. While that almost sounds like an RF wireless LAN, it is different Continue Reading