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iPod Barcode Reader

Honeywell entered the Barcode and AIDC industry with its acquisition of Hand Held Products in 2007 and has been a major player ever since. It is now an innovator in the industry bringing barcode scanner technology to new markets and devices. One such product that is revolutionizing the barcode industry is the Captuvo product line. Continue Reading

Success In The Barcode Industry

I wanted to divert from our core focus of barcode solutions and present a short overview of our business strategies at OCR Canada. Just writing this article demonstrates that you cannot just focus on your core strengths to be successful in business today. The current business environment dictates that you must innovate or die … Continue Reading

Irritated By Paging Announcements?

Shoppers are often bombarded by multiple announcements from the retail store’s overhead paging system. It serves as an irritant for both shoppers and employees. These announcements often interrupt the thoughts of patrons as well as reducing the productivity of employees that must listen to every page for information that may not apply to them. When Continue Reading

What Barcode Is It?

When configuring barcode scanners to read a barcode a user would need to know what barcode symbology the data is encoded with. The most common barcode symbologies include such formats as Code 39, Code 128, UPC, I25 (ITF, Interleaved 2 of 5), and Codabar. These symbologies cover 95% of all barcode applications. Typically if it Continue Reading

BYOD, Good Idea?

Many corporations are considering to allow employee smartphones as part of their mobile network to collect information at the source of information generation. They may even consider offsetting the expense an employee may incur while using their personal devices for business purposes. This is often a win-win proposition as the corporation saves money by not Continue Reading

Mobile Application Development

HTML5 is all the rage these days when it comes to developing mobile applications that will run across multiple platforms. However, it is still important to have a good idea which mobile device will be selected to run the final application. Not all mobile HTML5 capable browsers are created equal. Regardless of claims, it is Continue Reading

I Need a Barcode!

We often get people asking us for a barcode. What they are looking for is a UPC barcode for their product. UPC codes cannot be made up by just anyone because they are highly regulated and controlled. And so they should be. So we cannot make or create a UPC code for those looking for Continue Reading

Mobile Healthcare Solutions

During unstable economic times solution providers turn to stable industries to help them survive. That’s why health-care has been the focus of many solutions-based vendors. That gives the health-care industry more options than they ever had to automate internal processes. There are now solutions that focus on medication administration. Portable handheld computers are specifically designed Continue Reading

Mobile Device Management

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) may be all the rage for homeowners, but should businesses try to cut costs with a similar attitude? Actually the trend in the corporate world is the opposite, but why? It is claimed that 70% of all companies have at least one contract with a managed service providor in connection with their technology Continue Reading

WMS Warehouse Management System Options?

These days SMB companies as well as large corporations are looking for warehouse solutions that will reduce errors, increase efficiency and be easy enough to use that training would be almost intuitive. As well as getting all this at a reasonable price! Well, there are technologies that should be considered when you are deciding what Continue Reading