GTS and Honeywell Batteries

Batteries are a weak link in virtually all enterprises. The original batteries often do not have enough power to last for a full shift. This results in increased labor costs and reduced productivity.

With GTS/Honeywell® Batteries your business gets:

GTS Honeywell Battery
  • Longer run times, increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • A reliable single source for batteries and chargers for all portable devices.
  • Independence from OEMs to keep portable devices running longer and avoid or postpone capital expenditures.
  • Cost management and logistics planning for battery replacement.
  • A trusted technology resource, focusing on maximizing productivity and ROI with upgrades and innovations.
  • Most batteries carry a 12-month warranty.

If you need 10 batteries tomorrow, or 5000 batteries next month, turn to OCR.

Visit today to find out how to get a sample battery and keep your business running efficiently.
GTS Honeywell Battery

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