Hardware Repair Service

Barcode Scanner and Portable Barcode Reader Hardware Repair Services

OCR Ltd. has earned many awards and an excellent reputation for expert provision and deployment of data collection hardware, including portable barcode scanners and portable barcode readers. Having installed over $200 million of integrated hardware, OCR can be trusted to eliminate all guesswork in buying, installing, or implementing automated data identification technologies for your application or your market. We stock over $2 million of inventory, offering our customers a vast selection of readily available and affordable Auto-ID solutions and barcode hardware. We value our customers’ satisfaction so our prices are among the most competitive in the data collection industry.

OCR offers detailed analysis for each project, demonstration hardware at no charge, opportunities to trade up or trade in, and support designed to please every customer. After purchasing a portable barcode scanner or reader or any of our award-winning Auto-ID solutions, we include value-added services to increase the value of your purchase.

We service all of the equipment that we sell. We’re right there if something should go wrong! By clicking the online barcode equipment RMA system, you can request quotes for your service or repair, track the turnaround time, and monitor progress of the work. See Thermal Printer Services as well.

After 38 years doing business with more than 6,500 customers from the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany, we know hardware deployment inside and out. We believe strongly in giving our customers the benefit of our long experience so they make the right decision when purchasing data collection barcode scanner solutions.

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