iX104C5-M2 Military CAC Tablet PC


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iX104C5-M Outdoor Military Tablet Computer iX104C5 Sunlight Readable Military Tablet PC

iX104C5-M2 Military CAC Tablet PC

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iX104C5-M2 Military CAC Tablet PC

iX104C5-M2 Military CAC Tablet PC

Designed for Real World Military Applications

The iX104C5-M2 with CAC is designed for frontline military personnel who depend on mobile computing to perform daily tasks, execute mission plans, and sometimes save lives. It is designed to withstand real world conditions such as rain, blowing sand and dust and can withstand 4’ drops to concrete, extreme temperatures, constant vibration, and other environments. It has successfully undergone MIL-STD-810G, IP67, 461F, and Hazardous Location testing so you can be confident that it will protect critical data and maintain high-performance levels throughout the task at hand.

Integrated Common Access Card/ Smart Card Reader

The integrated CAC reader is compatible with ISO 7816 smart cards such as US Department of Defense issued Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards given out by other US Government agencies. The system ensures that access to data is only given to those with clearance.

Xtreme Performance

The iX104C5-M2 with CAC boasts the most powerful performance in its class and is equipped with an Intel® Core i7 processor. The solution provides military and government organizations to bring a reliable device capable of running mission applications to the field, thus improving efficiency. In extreme temperatures, the degradation of performance is negligible.

Designed for the Field

Xplore’s iX104C5-M2 military tablet PC offers a flexible device with a rugged, sunlight-readable display and a dual-mode digitizer which can sense glove-touch and pen input. It incorporates a solid state drive which allows it to deliver industry-leading performance and reliability.

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