iX104C5-M Outdoor Military Tablet Computer


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iX104C5 Industrial Tablet Computer iX104C5-M2 Military CAC Tablet PC

iX104C5-M Outdoor Military Tablet Computer

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iX104C5-M Outdoor Military Tablet Computer

iX104C5-M Outdoor Military Tablet Computer

The iX104C5-M rugged tablet computer delivers industry-leading functionality, ruggedness, and performance. This sunlight readable tablet raises the bar on what military and government customers can expect from mobile computing systems.

Proven Outdoor Rugged In The Real World

In the field, military personnel rely upon mobile computing systems to carry out mission plans, perform daily tasks, and sometimes to save lives. The iX104C5 is ideal for frontline personnel who need a device which will operate reliably in real world conditions. The iX104C5-M is capable of enduring 4 foot drops onto concrete as well as operate reliably in driving rain, blowing dust and sand, extreme temperatures, and constant vibration. Independent IP, MIL-STD-810G, 461F, and Hazardous Location testing with an intuitive rugged design instills confidence that the iX104C5-M is capable of protecting critical data under any circumstances.

Extreme Outdoor Performance

The tablet is powered by the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor, providing the device the performance it needs to run multi-functional applications. With it, government and military organizations can deploy complex, multi-mission applications.

Field-Proven Outdoor Designs

The iX104C5 is designed to maximize input flexibility and usability. It features a rugged, sunlight-viewable display which utilizes AllVue™ Xtreme technology as well as an auto-switching dual-mode digitizer which automatically switches between finger and pen touch inputs. Single or dual solid state drives with RAID configuration options are available and offer industry-leading performance and reliability.

Total Control Of Ownership

The iX104C5 combines the advanced technologies of industry leaders into a single system designed to provide long, reliable lifecycles. Its low rate of failure means more system uptime for military personnel.


  • Powerful Intel® Core™ i7 Platform
  • Rugged design
  • MIL-STD 461F, IP67, and 810G tested
  • Single or dual solid state drive with RAID options
  • Uses AllVue™ Xtreme technology for superior outdoor viewability
  • High capacity lithium ion battery
  • Custom Active Military Docking System
  • Cool Touch Thermal System for Xtreme Temperatures
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