iX104C5 Clean Room Tablet Computer


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iX104C (Centrino) Rugged Tablet PC iX104C5 DM/DML Industrial Tablet PC

iX104C5 Clean Room Tablet Computer

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iX104C5 Clean Room Tablet Computer

iX104C5 Dual-Mode Clean Room Fully-Rugged Tablet PC

The iX104C5-CR provides best-in-class performance levels and functionalities all enclosed in a rugged, custom-engineered casing and optimized for clean room operations.

Proven Rugged in the Real World

The iX104C5 tablet PC provides pharmacies, laboratories, and chip manufacturers with the computing power they need to carry out analytic job functions and monitor productivity even in the most challenging environments. The iX104C5 CR is designed for clean room environments and helps prevent the spreading of contaminants. It passes MIL-STD and Ingress Protection specification and is proven to be capable of operating reliably even in environments with random vibrations, extreme temperatures, and more. It passes MIL-STD and Ingress Protection specifications

Extreme Performance

The iX104C5 CR features a powerful Intel® Core™ i7 processor, which offers users an advanced platform to run applications on. Organizations can confidently deploy complex, multifunctional applications on this device in order to improve worker productivity.

Superior Functionality, Enhanced Usability

Equipped with an intuitive auto-switching dual-mode digitizer, the iX104C5 CR allows for both finger and pen touch input. Its rugged display features a wide viewing cone and provides superior visibility.

Total Control Of Ownership

Constructed with industry-leading technology, the iX104C5 was designed to provide reliable operation with low failure rates in order to maximize total uptime and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).


  • Custom “Clean Room” Casing
  • Powerful Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Rugged device with an IP67 Rating
  • SSD-Single or Dual with optional RAID
  • Enhanced display for indoor and outdoor use
  • User accessible SSD, MicroSD, and SIM
  • High capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
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