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IT6300 Production Control Imager TFIR-31DM Direct Part Mark Reader

iPad Barcode Scanner

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iPad Barcode Scanner

CHS7C Mobile Workforce Barcode Scanner

The CHS 7C is an excellent all-purpose data collection device for mobilizing your workforce as it is low cost yet provides powerful 1D wireless barcode scanning.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, notebooks, Bluetooth™ enabled PDAs, tablets, and desktop computers including Windows 7, Vista, Mobile, XP; Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac OS; BlackBerry OS, Android OS, and QNX
  • Extensive battery life and is rechargable
  • EDR and Bluetooth 2.1 delivers a long range, secure wireless network providing connection for up to 100 m/ 30 ft away
  • Automatic reconnections make the device easy to use
  • CHS 7P is capable of withstanding 5 foot (1.5m) drops onto concrete
  • Can be set on vibrate, where the device will vibrate whenever a good scan is made, which is great for noisier workplaces
  • LED flashes and a noise occurs when a successful scan is made, a cable connection is made, or a power status notification is given
  • Compatible with Apple iOS on-screen keyboard
  • Allows Bluetooth SPP connections for advanced scanner control
  • Allows for Bluetooth HID connections allows for easy initialization without having to install software
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