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i-gistics Mobile Delivery

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i-gistics Mobile Delivery

Intermec's i-gistics Mobile Delivery application software helps reduce lost shipments, ensure on-time product delivery, and improve customer response time. An open-system software program integrating with existing dispatch, WMS, cross-dock and enterprise applications, Mobile Delivery transmits shipment status, proof of delivery and captured signatures in real-time.

Proof of Delivery and a Whole Lot More i-gistics

Mobile Delivery software operates on Intermec mobile computers and provides proof of delivery to reduce lost shipments and avoid delivery disputes. But i-gistics goes beyond simple proof of delivery, by automating your entire pick-up and delivery process to extend shipment visibility beyond the distribution center.

The Right Shipment at the Right Place at the Right Time

i-gistics Mobile Delivery provides drivers with an electronic customer manifest containing detailed delivery and pick-up information. Items can be scanned to ensure accurate delivery. Exceptions, adjustments, damages and returns can be noted electronically. Pick-up information can also be collected and communicated to improve load planning for outbound shipments. Integration with your enterprise systems increases the accuracy of your information by eliminating paper and error-prone data entry.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Wireless data messages allow driver and dispatcher to communicate more effectively in real-time. The software minimizes phone calls by allowing the driver to send and receive regular status updates, such as arrival or departure times and delays with a push of a button.Drivers can receive messages even when away from the truck making unanswered calls a thing of the past. This improves operational efficiency to speed delivery and increase the numbers of stops the drivers can make.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

i-gistics Mobile Delivery allows for realtime shipment tracking so you can proactively manage customer expectations by knowing the shipment location and time of arrival. You can also capture time and charges for value-added services such as product installation or setup.Combined, these factors improve customer satisfaction by enabling you provide prompt, reliable delivery and service.

Affordable Single Source Solution

i-gistics establishes a new standard of installation ease and affordability, backed by a company with over 30 years experience in mobile workforce automation. Hardware, software, integration, and training—Intermec has thought of everything to simplify putting the system to work, all for much less than you would expect.

  • Automates pick-up and delivery increasing productivity 
  • Eliminates paper and paper errors increasing accuracy 
  • Provides proof of delivery reducing lost shipments 
  • Electronic signature capture facilitates quicker payment 
  • Real-time tracking improves customer service 
  • Wireless and wired communications 
  • Basic and Full versions available 
  • Part of the complete i-gistics® solution
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