eSP Stay-Linked RF Wireless 5250 3270 VT100 VT220 Emulation


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eSP Stay-Linked RF Wireless 5250 3270 VT100 VT220 Emulation

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eSP Stay-Linked RF Wireless 5250 3270 VT100 VT220 Emulation

Reliable RF/Wireless 5250/3270 and VT100/220 Emulation

Never lose an RF/Wireless terminal session again...

Unlike typical "fat-client" and "single point of failure PC gateway" wireless terminal emulation products, Stay-Linked is a host-based RF/Wireless 5250/3270 and VT100/220 terminal emulation solution. 

All terminal emulation functionality is served and managed using the host computer.

Stay-Linked prevents productivity losses due to dropped wireless users sessions by preserving active sessions on the host computer despite outages in wireless access.

Stay-Linked Overview:

  • Complete solution for highly reliable RF/Wireless terminal emulation     
  • Runs natively on a wide variety of highly reliable host computing platforms    
    • IBM AS/400-iSeries (OS/400)    
    • IBM Mainframe-zSeries    
    • IBM RS/6000-pSeries (AIX)    
    • HP9000 (HP-UX)    
    • Sun Solaris    
    • Linux    
    • Windows, Windows/NT server platforms
  • Provides Host-based 5250/3270 and VT100/220 connectivity support for:   
    • 802.11b Radio Frequency (RF) wireless handheld barcode scanning devices from Symbol, Intermec, PSC, HHP, Citadel and other manufacturers running DOS, PocketPC, Windows CE/ OS     
    • Legacy TMA and 802.11b Telxon devices too

An added benefit of host server-side terminal emulation is that all wireless terminal emulation devices can be managed from a single, reliable location. Centralized device management is a supplied feature of the Stay-Linked solution enabling the application administrator to:

  • Set remote device configurations     
  • View all device connections and all of their important properties    
  • Reboot remote devices     
  • Send software updates to remote devices     
  • Send and receive files from remote devices     
  • Send administrator messages to remote devices     
  • Monitor and troubleshoot problems with remote devices in real-time 

Stay-Linked is very competitively priced and provides the best overall value compared to other solutions available today. OCR is a Stay-Linked Certified Partner reseller.

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