X1 Intrinsically Safe (IS) Mobile Handheld


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X1 Intrinsically Safe (IS) Mobile Handheld

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X1 Intrinsically Safe (IS) Mobile Handheld

Engineered for Hazardous Environments
Designed for use in the most extreme intrinsically safe environments, theX1-IS is the most rugged Intrinsically Safe (IS) mobile handheld in its class.

This unit is even safe for environments where explosive materials are always present, greatly simplifying the product selection. With its broad approval rating, the MX1-IS unit can operate in almost any IS environment.

Innovative features that simplify operations
As versatile as it is rugged, the MX1-IS offers multiple features and accessories to maximize application use and operator comfort. Pistol grip handle, shoulder straps, and cases make for comfortable carrying and use. Multiple keypad options, including 60-key full alphanumeric keypad, simplify data entry.

The power management system supports a full eight-hour battery shift. Batteries can be completely charged in three hours. Order the MX1-IS with short, long, or advance long range scanning capabilities.

Highly reliable, industry-standard platform
Featuring a 486 industry standard processor and a ROM-DOS™ operating system, the MX1-IS accommodates standard DOS applications.
The MX1-IS supports a wide variety of radios for high-speed wireless communications, and numerous terminal emulation standards for easy
integration with most Warehouse Management System applications.

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