Wireless Voice Over IP Communications Solution


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Wireless Voice Over IP Communications Solution

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Wireless Voice Over IP Communications Solution

High-quality voice for mobile users

With voice over Wi-Fi, organizations can guarantee in-building coverage for smartphone, tablet and other mobile voice users while reducing telephony costs. Behind the scenes, using a single wireless LAN (WLAN) for all types of applications simplifies network design and operations – and lowers costs.

With Aruba, users enjoy the same high-quality voice over the WLAN as they expect from their wired networks. Aruba’s application-aware solution makes it possible to deliver high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) to mobile workers – at a fraction of the cost of wired telephony. Aruba has enabled some of the world’s largest and most challenging deployments of VoIP over WLANs.

With Aruba, customers deploying VoIP will benefit from:

  • Automatic voice detection and prioritization. Aruba’s integrated stateful, application-aware firewall automatically identifies and prioritizes the most common VoIP protocols, including session initiation protocol (SIP), H.323, Alcatel NOE, skinny call control protocol (SCCP) and Vocera, so the system can make the bandwidth reservations and quality of service (QoS) prioritizations.Through application fingerprinting, even encrypted and proprietary signaling protocols, such as SIP v3, SIP-TLS and BlackBerry Mobile Voice System, are recognized and appropriately prioritized to deliver an exceptional user experience.
  • Superior call quality and user experience. Ultra-fast roaming with session persistence and complete standards support ensure uninterrupted voice communication throughout a building or campus without dropped calls.Comprehensive call monitoring and reporting provides a user-centric view of real-time and historic call quality using deep packet inspection to track and report call statistics and track problems.
  • Open, standards-based solution. Standards-based voice over Wi-Fi eliminates vendor lock-in. The Aruba system interoperates with all PBX and VoIP handset vendors without deviating from established 802.11 standards and without requiring proprietary software on the handsets.
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