Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution


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Warehouse and Delivery Management Solution Warehouse Management System

Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution

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Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution

Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Warehouse & Distribution Management

The Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution provides users with the ability to transform their empty warehouse into an efficient workplace. The intuitive solution features everything required to implement a public warehouse. This 3rd party logistics solution includes advanced functionalities which allow distributors and manufacturers to provide value-added service in order to generate extra revenue.

Features and Benefits

  • 3PL client-specific billing profiles help organize handling and storage charges
  • Web-based portal provides clients with a place to monitor their inventory and orders remotely
  • ISRP batch warehousing assists in management of inventory as well as order processing

Products Included

  • MC31XX Mobile Computer
  • E-4205e Printer
  • 3PL Customer Management Portal - single user
  • Web Enabled Customer Portal - 5 consecutive users
  • ISRP Warehouse Management Software for 3PL multiuser
  • 1st Year Software Support
  • WebBased Installation and Training Services

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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