WWS800 Wireless Barcode Scanner


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WWS800 Wireless Barcode Scanner

CATEGORY:Point of Sale (POS)
WWS800 Wireless Barcode Scanner

WWS800 Wireless Barcode Scanner

The WWS800 Barcode Scanner suits a variety of applications and delivers roaming capabilities with the integration of wireless Bluetooth™ technology. By providing the freedom to move around, the WWS can be used to more effectively take physical inventory.

Bluetooth™ technology allows the user of the WWS800 to scan barcodes and transfer information up to 160 feet away from the main terminal. The device has a Batch Memory Mode, which allows you to work outside of the 160 feet boundaries. The device can scan barcodes at a range of 1 to 12 inches from the CCD scan engine. The battery lasts for up to 30 hours, or 20, 000 scans, and can endure drops of up to 5 feet (1.5 meters). The WWS800’s design allows it to meet the demands of the work environment.

The WWS800 kit includes a wireless barcode scanner and a recharging base with Bluetooth radio capabilities. The base recharges the device’s battery as well as supports wireless capabilities of up to seven different scanners. The kit is perfect for factory floor, warehouse, retail, and field service applications. The WWS800 Wireless Barcode Scanner is compatible with Microsoft NT, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and DOS applications.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP (SP2), 2000, Vista (32 bit), or Server 2003
  • USB port (PS/2 versions also compatible with Windows ME, NT, or 98)
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