WWMS Wireless Warehouse Management System


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WMS Warehouse Management System AirWave Mobile Wireless Network Management

WWMS Wireless Warehouse Management System

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WWMS Wireless Warehouse Management System

Wireless Warehouse Management System

WMS software

OCR’s Wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS) software offers an organized, mobile solution perfect for any size warehouse and can even be adapted to accommodate the management of multiple warehouses at once. This solution allows you to automate and systematize basic warehouse operations through the use of a wireless management system.

Whether you need to improve efficiency in put-away tasks, receiving, lot tracing tasks, movement of inventory, cycle counts, inquiry tasks, order picking, shipping or any other warehouse management tasks, OCR’s Warehouse Management System can meet your needs. The solution utilizes radio-frequency-based (RF) and bar-code technology in order to provide an affordable and all-inclusive Warehouse Management System. The system will automate essential warehouse operations, including order fulfillment processes by using RF technologies. Additionally, OCR’s Warehouse Management System will significantly enhance your warehouses organization and handling efficiency by enabling users to monitor the flow of inventory and eliminate excessive inventory.

If you already have an existing ERP system, including but not limited to SAP, JDE, BaaN, Peoplesoft, CRM, or Oracle, then OCR’s Warehouse Management System can be integrated into your already existing management system.

The system will enable users to track the stock that is received, shipped, and moved in the warehouse in real-time by utilizing wireless technologies, including mobile terminals and workstation PCs. Together, the use of stationary and mobile terminals allows for increased accessibility and convenience while speeding up the task at hand.

Application Benefits:

  • Automating warehouse processes will reduce costs
  • Real time updates keep everyone informed and capable of making informed decisions
  • Reduces shipping and order picking errors

Application Features:

  • Ability to track movement of inventory
  • Real-time updates keep information readily available
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Allows for composition of custom reports

Hardware Features:

  • Changeable display allows for resizing for use on any terminal
  • Able to be used on barcode scanners, wands, pens, and other mobile devices
  • Compatible with all terminals using Virtual Terminal Emulation software
  • Able to be used on wired and wireless devices
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