WS5100 Wireless Switch


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WS5100 Wireless Switch

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WS5100 Wireless Switch

WS5100 Wireless Switch

The Power of Centralized Intelligence

With the WS5100, Symbol Technologies delivers a wireless switch which features manageability, scalability, security, reliability, availability, and reduces the cost of ownership.

A Comprehensive Security System and Centralized Management

The WS5100 features a comprehensive security system which uses encryption, authentication, and access control. Security can be set at various locations on the network: the perimeter, the servers, as well as client devices. It allows you to meet wireless security standards and can be upgraded to meet future standards. The WS5100 acts as a wireless gatekeeper to protect your network.

The WS5100 allows you to manage hardware, software, and network policies in order to keep track of your network and modify it to suit your needs. It also allows you to automatically configure all Access Ports instead of individually configuring each point, thus saving time and money.

Scalable System

The addition of new functionalities is less expensive and simpler than an access point based WLAN. The compact 1RU form allows it to fit into any standard size network equipment rack. Each WS5100 that is installed provides support for up to 48 Access Ports as well as 32 WLANs.


Multi-layer network set ups provide a low risk, high value, and flexible solution to wireless networking. Symbol Technologies’ WS5100 Wireless Switch is integrated with multi-layer networking capabilities and provides high quality performance and reliability. The WS5100 provides a much simpler solution to wireless networking than access point based WLANs. It features extensive expandability, centralized management, and functionality in order to reduce the cost of ownership. Symbol offers comprehensive technical support for maintaining your network.


  • Designed for maximum network security
  • 802.11i and Symbol's mobility features for security and performance
  • Encryption for network security, including KeyGuardTM MCM, WEP, WPA-TKIP, WPA2 and WTLS VPN
  • Authentication system which uses: 802.1X, Access Control Lists (ACLs), Certificate Based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and Kerberos
  • Add functionality with upgradeable access ports
  • Automatic channel selection for better performance
  • Pre-emptive Roaming and Load Balancing
  • Device bandwidth allocation and prioritization
  • Create virtual access points for complete control of network traffic
  • Flexible software architecture which supports a variety of devices
  • Support for various radio frequencies and features, including: 2.4 GHz/5 GHz frequencies, OFDM encoding techniques, direct sequence, frequency hopping, and 802.11a/b/g
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