WS1200LR Wearable Barcode Scanner


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WS1200LR Wearable Barcode Scanner

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WS1200LR Wearable Barcode Scanner
Get Long-Range, Wearable Scanner Productivity

Announcing a scanner that breaks the distance barrier in wearable scanning. Introducing the WS1200-LR, Symbol's new long-range, wearable bar code scanner.

Cabled to Symbol's wearable computer, the WS1200-LR is worn on the back of the hand and triggered by a low profile, thumb-activated switch that fits securely on an index finger. Because the fingers are left free, the scanner is exceptionally well suited for package-handling-intensive activities such as order picking, stock pulling, and put-away.

The WS 1200-LR is ruggedly built to withstand demanding industrial environments such as those found in warehouses, transportation and logistics operations, distribution centers, and manufacturing sites. The housing is rigid and durable, and well protected from abrasion by a removable/replaceable plastic cap. A jacket made of a flexible, energy-absorbent elastomer material prevents damage to the scan engine if it is dropped, or repeatedly knocked against shelving. 

Moreover, the unit is very effectively sealed against internal contamination from dust and moisture. And the scanner is easy to use. Just aim it at a bar code and press the switch. An innovative "aim spot" is used to guide the scan beam, making long-range scanning quick and accurate. 

The scan engine in the WS 1200-LR is Symbol's field-proven SE 1200-LR, which delivers exceptional long-range scanning performance in an impressively small package. For example, the WS 1200-LR can read a 55-mil bar code from as far away as 8 ft./2.4 m and a 15-mil bar code from as close as 7 in./17.8 cm. This outstanding scanning capability makes it ideal in industrial applications where bar codes have to be scanned from distances longer than an arm's length. 

Advanced Ergonomics in a Durable Package 

This wearable scanner is comfortable and practical, and is designed for right- or left-handed use. Positioned out of the way on the back of the hand, the weight of the scanner, 3.5 oz./ 98 gm, is evenly distributed, ensuring that it can be worn indefinitely without fatigue. The adjustable attachment glove that secures the WS 1200-LR scanner to the back of the hand fits hands of all sizes and is completely washable. Glove, straps, trigger and the scanner's rubber cap–the parts that get the most wear–are replaceable at minimal cost. 

Finally, for user safety, the cable linking the scanner to the trigger breaks away easily to avoid injury to the finger. 

System Adapts to the Task 

The WS 1200-LR is cabled to a Symbol wearable wrist computer. Together they form a complete productivity system with today's most advanced ergonomics, robust data collection capabilities, and batch processing or wireless communications using Symbol's Spectrum24® wireless technology. 

The computers in the WSS system weigh just 11.3 oz./316 gm for comfortable wear over extended periods and a long-lasting 1350 mAh lithium ion battery delivers power over a full shift and can be recharged in just over two hours. 

Features Benefits
Long-range scanning performance Easily captures bar code data on labels that are out of reach
Innovative aim spot Helps to position the scan beam making long-range bar code scanning fast and accurate
Rugged design Stands up to tough industrial environments
Replaceable trigger, glove and rubber cap Replaceable high-wear components and rubber cap extend the life of your investment
Washable attachment glove Each user maintains personal attachment glove for hygiene
Breakaway force of 4 lbs./8 kg on all cables To protect employees, scanner 8 kg on all cableautomatically breaks away from the hands
Ergonomic design Back-of-the-hand scanning leaves the operator's hands free to move packages, products or materials, improving efficiency and productivity
Low power consumption maximizes battery life Maintains operators' productivity
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