WPA1200 Inventory Control Solution


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WPA1200 Inventory Control Solution

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WPA1200 Inventory Control Solution

The Mobile 1200 solution includes Wasp Inventory Control software and the WPA1200 mobile device. It’s a great solution for smaller warehouses, supply rooms/closets or environments where a compact, PDA form factor is preferred for the mobile device.

This lightweight, yet powerful device pack a powerful punch with an Intel 520 MHz processor, IP64-rating, and a Windows CE5.0 (WPA1200) operating system.

Easily add additional WPA1200s with mobile license to support your growth or larger tracking needs. It’s a perfect combination of form and function that will save you time and money.

Inventory Control Software

Get in control of your inventory with Wasp Inventory Control – the complete inventory tracking solution for small business. Increase the value of your business, satisfy your customers and create more freedom in your life with Inventory Control.

Have you ever experienced:
  • the financial impact of an inventory write off? 
  • the embarrassment of calling your customer back when you can’t actually deliver the product? 
  • the wasted time searching for inventory you know you have (but can’t find)? 
  • the loss of sales when you’re out of stock?

These and other inventory related problems are frustrating, are financially stressful and have a direct impact on your ability to succeed. Now, Wasp Inventory Control provides all the capabilities you need to track your inventory without the complexity or expense of a big system. Easy. Efficient. Affordable.

From individual contractors to larger operations with multiple locations, Inventory Control will help you. It’s ideal for:
  • warehouses 
  • light manufacturing and distribution centers 
  • retailers 
  • stock rooms & supply closets 
  • inventory-carrying mobile trucks, ships or containers 
  • installation contractors or any business that buys, stocks and sells parts and products.

Define multiple sites (a warehouse, truck fleet, stock room, or even a installation truck such as a TV or satellite installer) with multiple locations (a bin, shelf, or even a pallet within the location). It’s a snap to track your inventory by location, by serial number, lot or any combination of the numerous ‘track bys’.

Easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory Control. Print barcode labels or inventory tags with different symbologies or data from the Inventory Control database. Easily attach them to inventory items, physical locations or pallets.

This ready-to-use inventory tracking solution includes:
  • Inventory Control software Standard (Std.) version 
  • 1 WPA1200 mobile device 
  • 1 PC user license / 1 mobile device license 
  • Integrated full version of WaspLabeler (barcode labeling software) 
  • Free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product
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