Voice Recognition for a More Productive Operation


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Voice Picking Waiter Tableside Point of Sale Solution

Voice Recognition for a More Productive Operation

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Voice Recognition for a More Productive Operation

Voice Recognition for a More Productive Operation

Voice-enabled solutions work to improve workplace productivity and eliminate costly operations such as order checking in a warehouse or manufacturing setting. OCR’s voice-enabled WMS solution can be set up to automate logistics and manufacturing functions.

Integrate Voice Technology into your Business Processes

Integration of voice technology into warehouse management systems is being used more and more, particularly for order picking. Voice directed order picking allows pickers to be instructed by voice as to what items to pick and where to pick them through use of wearable computers and headsets with microphones. Actions can then be confirmed back to the WMS through a radio frequency (RF) local area network (LAN). A voice enabled picking system provides:

  • 99.9% order accuracy
  • 15% or more increase in productivity over other standard barcode systems
  • Eliminates return trips to assignment desk
  • Eliminates costs associated with printing and distributing picking documents
  • Eliminates costly re-keying of orders, picking confirmations, as well as catch weights
  • Hands free and head down modes
  • Provides real-time feedback and stock updating
  • Reduces time and money spent on training

VoxwareTM Solution Integrated in OCR WMS

Voxware is a voice-enabled solution which consists of an SOA-based, open software which provides you with unprecedented flexibility, independence, and control. Voxware can be integrated into your customizable OCR WMS solution in order to provide voice recognition functionality. OCR WMS simplifies the integration of voice picking through use of the VoxBrowser client software and headsets. Voice XML and standard Internet protocol communications are used by VoxBrowser in order to achieve scalability and flexibility.The solution features the Voxware Integrated Speech Engine (VISE), which features the strongest speech recognition engine ideal for demanding industrial environments.

Voice-enabled Solution

Voice-enable your solutions in order to maximize productivity. Costly operations, including order checking, are reduced or even eliminated. Voice-enabled OCR WMS allows you to automate a variety of logistics and manufacturing functions, including:

  • Picking
  • Put away
  • Receiving
  • Replenishment
  • Stocktaking
  • Loading
  • Shop floor tracking
  • Configuration management
  • Kanban replenishment
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