VisionView Machine Vision Operator Interface


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VisionPro Machine Vision Management DataPort Remote Data Collection Software

VisionView Machine Vision Operator Interface

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VisionView Machine Vision Operator Interface

VisionView Machine Vision Operator Interface

VisionView Operator Interface allows you to control your In-Sight machine vision systems and DataMan ID readers all from one central system. The operator controls are specific to the application and VisionView is available on four platforms, the Vision View 900 display panel, PC, the VGA adapter, and third-party CE panel, for increased flexibility.

VisionView 900 Display Panel

The VisionView 900 Display Panel is a low-cost yet powerful interface panel that allows you to control your machine vision system’s regions of interest and parameters without needing a PC on the factory floor. The VisionView 900 has a 9-inch touch display that allows operators easy control over the vision system during run-time. It has a LAN port to connect to a PC for initial setup and can also be connected to an external switch, allowing for up to nine systems to be linked at once. The VisionView 900 display panel also comes with two USB ports that allow you to save images for analysis without interrupting productivity.

VisionView Application Software Features

  • Automatically detects Cognex DataMan ID readers and In-Sight machine vision systems on the network
  • Integrates with your existing Human Machine Interface on the plant floor
  • Plug-and-Play configuration means no PC is required to set up
  • Up to nine systems can be monitored from a single tiled view
  • Full colour images and graphics can be displayed for the operator controls
  • Image updates provide you with current inspection data
  • Last Failed Image view matches the last failed image and current image side-by-side
  • Filtered images can be seen with the Filtered Image view
  • In-Sight CustomViews displays operator controls created in spreadsheets
  • In-Sight EasyView displays the configurations set in the In-Sight EasyBuilder
  • The ability to train fonts at Run-time makes it ideal for OCR/OCV
  • TestRun plug-in notifies the operator of problems impacting operation
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