VS1200 & VS1000 Vertical Scanners


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VS1200 & VS1000 Vertical Scanners

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VS1200 & VS1000 Vertical Scanners

VS1200 & VS1000 Vertical Scanners

The VS1200 and VS1000 vertical scanners from PSC provide optimized performance for vertical applications for retail applications where you cannot settle for just a “one size fits all” solution. The VS Series offers optimized vertical scanning for a variety of POS applications, such as grocery, variety, drug, and convenience stores. Unlike horizontal scanners, the VS1200 and VS1000 are tuned on their sides for fast, aggressive, and accurate performance. Each device has a large, symmetrical scan volume and generously sized ‘sweet spot’ for improved ergonomics and efficiency. All VS models feature a compact size and can be easily installed on any countertop using a stand mount or stationary.

The VS1200 and VS1000 are each available in two formats, allowing you to select the one that is right for your application. The VS1200 comes with UPC/EAN/JAN decoding standard as well as Edge™ software for reading disfigured or torn labels. When Edge software is disabled, the VS1200 is capable of reading UPC family codes and one other industrial code as well as poorly-printed labels via Adaptive™ software. The VS1200 is also available with P2/P5 add-ons. The VS1000 comes standard with Adaptive software that allows it to automatically discriminate between up to four codes using UPC/EAN/JAN and P2/P5 add-ons. It is also capable of reading additional industrial symbologies, such as ITF, Code 39, and Code 128.

Both the VS1200 and VS1000 are available in presentation or sweep style scanning modes. A sweep configuration is suited for higher volume checkout environments with the space for sweep scanning motions. For lower volume scanning applications and those with limited counter space, a presentation configuration, which offers a dense scanning pattern, will provide optimal performance.


  • Programmable sleep mode
  • Power off the terminal
  • Optional 7" (18 cm) depth of field for reading high density codes (VS1000 presentation)
  • Short range, standard depth-of-field configuration (VS1000 presentation)
  • Optional EAS antenna for security tag deactivation and scanning
  • Dense scan pattern (presentation models)
  • Undecoded handheld port for portable scanning applications (VS1200)
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