USB Barcode Scanner


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NFT7345 OEM RS232 Barcode Scanner LGP1125 & LGP5125 USB Barcode Scanners

USB Barcode Scanner

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USB Barcode Scanner

USB Barcode Scanner

Using USB technology, the handheld barcode scanner can be connected to most PCs and Macs in order to allow the device to be integrated into a number of computer based systems. The USB scanner can act as a traditional keyboard wedge scanner and can emulate data that is input from the keyboard. With USB technology, there is no need for specialty cables to connect the device to the computer and it is easy to install the scanner into the PC.

Just plug it in

The PC automatically installs the appropriate matching software to the scanner after being connected by USB. Because the scanner can be installed or removed without having to turn off the computer, it allows for “hot swapping”. Up to 127 computer peripherals can be supported by the USB port.

One Scanner Configuration

The LGP Series scanning device is a rugged handheld CCD scanner with exceptional PC connectivity capabilities. It is compatible with any PC and eliminates the need to search for a special connector or cable.

Rugged Performance

The LGP Series scanning devices are high speed and feature and feature superior resolution, allowing the device to read bar codes even in conditions where strong light is present, such as contact with direct sunlight. The device has a solid design and is the result of 20 years of experience in the barcode industry. It is reliable and comes with a five year warranty.

Easy to Customize

It is easily programmable, which allows it to be configured to meet your business’ specific needs.

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