USB Barcode Reader


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USB Barcode Reader

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USB Barcode Reader

HC 36 Barcode Reader

The HC 36 Barcode Reader is an all-purpose high-resolution scanning device.


  • Features an ergonomic, lightweight design – weighs about 120, allowing for all-day use without experiencing fatigue
  • The device allows for wide bar code reading – when scanning from further away, can read barcodes 200mm (7.9”) wide
  • Functionality options – The HC36 scanner comes as either a “touch reading type” or a “distance reading type” and a variety of optional functions can be added, such as RS-232C, CMOS/bar-image, OCIA, and keyboard emulation

USB Barcode Scanner

This USB scanner comes with an integrated USB interface so that there is no need to search for a special cable or connector. By simply plugging the scanner directly into your PC’s USB port, the computer is able to recognize the device and will automatically install the driver software and prepare the device for use. The scanner can be installed without having to power down the computer.

Features and Benefits

  • Internal USB interface
  • Simply connect the scanner to your PC’s USB port. The PC will recognize the scanner and install the drivers automatically
  • Does not require a separate cable or USB adapter device
  • Plug N Play installation
  • No moving or wearing parts or concerns about laser safety
  • "Hot Installation" - No need to power down PC when installing scanner
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