Transport Contract & Rate Management


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Transport Contract & Rate Management

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Transport Contract & Rate Management

Contract & Rate Management

OCR’s Contract and Rate Management solution provides you with a sophisticated, accurate rate management services. This web-enabled solution assists transportation providers with pricing decisions, allows for quotes to be made for customers more quickly, and improves contract management processes as well as customer satisfaction levels.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • Features a centralized rate database which allows customers to view their contracts and commitments in order to assist them in making better decisions related to the shipment fulfillment process, such as booking/tendering acceptance and routing.
  • OCR Rate Management facilitates management of global rate-making processes and allows companies to use their own data to create, format, and manage quoting and contracting procedures.
  • Allows users to recognize global pricing trends using rate data captured throughout the rate creation lifecycle, from the initial rate request to the final agreement.


  • OCR Rate Builder (for Carriers)
  • OCR Rate Builder (for NVOCCs)
  • OCR WebSimon
  • OCR Ocean Compliance
  • OCR Ocean Freight Audit

Sample Customers

  • Hanjin Shipping
  • Yang Ming
  • K-Line Europe
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