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Tool Tracking

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Tool Tracking

Tool Tracking

Tool Tracking is a configurable barcode item control solution for the management of: equipment, documents, samples, people, tools, records archive, boxes, contracts, etc. Whether tracking people, equipment, vehicles, documents, or tools Tool Tracking provides you with a system for tracking and controlling your assets.

Key benefits:

  • Improved control and accountability
  • Save costs from reduced inventory levels
  • Eliminate errors which originate from book-based tracking
  • Improve planning for maintenance and calibration
  • Account for misplaced or lost equipment
  • Speed up physical inventories
  • Access current item locations
  • Return on investment

Tool Tracking offers the following features:

  • Track Location Status
  • Standard Reports for Checked Out Items
  • Transactions are Date/Time Stamped
  • Assign Due Dates
  • Auditable Movement History File
  • Generate Overdue Notices
  • Maintenance and Calibration Scheduling
  • Add New Items Into Inventory
  • Conduct Physical Inventory
  • Establish Parent-Child Relationships
  • Generate Management Reports
  • Reconcile Physical Inventory to Book Inventory
  • Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs
  • Data Export Via Excel
  • Use Cabled and Portable Scanners
  • Easy To Use, Menu Driven Software
  • User Configurable to Your Specifications
  • No Configuring or Programming Required
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