Telxon PTC960SL - Portable Transaction Computer


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Telxon PTC960SL - Portable Transaction Computer

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Telxon PTC960SL - Portable Transaction Computer
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Flexible Computing Where You Need It

The PTC 960SL operates MS-DOS® or TCAL® operating systems. Productivity-enhancing features include a non-shift, full alphanumeric keyboard, a 16-line by 21-character graphic LCD screen offering a double-height character option, a user-controlled EL backlight and contrast, and 128 x 128 pixel graphics. An integrated direct sequence or frequency hopping radio provides robust wireless networking and supports client/server or terminal emulation applications. A built-in RS-232 port enables direct connection to portable and fixed station devices.

Accessories include a charger for up to four battery packs and a single-bay charging and communications cradle. With a choice of three integrated scanners for standard, long range or high visibility scanning, and design features which include a wide range of components such as integrated radio, memory, keyboard and cradle configurations, the PTC 960SL is well suited for a host of applications, delivering maximum value-from the distribution center to the selling floor.

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