Telxon PTC710


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Telxon PTC710

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Telxon PTC710

More Options for Collecting and Communicating Data

Symbol's PTC 710 is designed for today's mobile computing data management applications, offering a range of features and functions. The PTC 710 provides the flexibility and utility needed to capture, process and move information, and this compact device will support virtually unlimited application possibilities, reducing the need for expensive add-ons.

Flexible Computing Where You Need It

This versatile handheld portable data terminal is ideal for sales order entry, inventory control, cycle counting, DEX/UCS and many other tasks requiring one- or two-way batch data communications. The PTC 710 is driven by a choice of Microsoft® MS-DOS® or TCOS® (TCAL® Operating System).

The PTC 710 offers productivity-enhancing features such as a 4-line by 16-character backlit LCD, a full alphanumeric, non-shift keyboard and a bar code scanner port which accommodates a detachable pencil wand, CCD or laser scanner. Third-party application developers can create custom applications to suit particular business requirements.

In addition, the PTC 710 Series provides an array of batch data communication options including a built-in acoustic coupler for one-way data transmission and a built-in two-way modem with RJ-11 jack for telecommunications. An RS-232 port provides the connection to host computers, printers and other peripherals. Easy uploading and downloading of programs and data is enabled via an optional four-bay charging/communication cradle.

Whether used for receiving, quality control monitoring, inventory management or route sales, the PTC 710 will efficiently handle your organization's unique data collection jobs.

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