THIR5000ESD Clean Room Barcode Reader


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THIR5000ESD Clean Room Barcode Reader

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THIR5000ESD Clean Room Barcode Reader

The THIR-5000 ESD reader has been specifically designed to meet the strict requirements of the ESD protected areas. Built with Silicon free housing, the THIR-5000ESD is ideal for ESD-sensitive and clean room applications.

  • 1- PCB board assembly and manufacturing  
  • 2- Electronic components manufacturers  
  • 3- Semi-conductor industry  
  • 4- Healthcare
  • 1 Silicon free and clean room ready  
  • 2 Complete voltage discharge  
  • 3 Integrated barcode scanning and color imaging  
  • 4 Industry leading field of view (2X larger than VGA-based hand held scanners)  
  • 5 Omni-directional reading (provides more freedom and ease of use to the end user from the broad reading area)  
  • 6 Built to last - high durability with no moving parts.
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