THIR-6000RF RFID Handheld Scanner


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THIR-6000RF RFID Handheld Scanner

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THIR-6000RF RFID Handheld Scanner

THIR-6000RF RFID Handheld Scanner

The THIR-6000RF from Tohken is a hybrid handheld scanner that can read both 1D and 2D barcodes as well as read and write to HF RFID tags. With a 1.3MP resolution, the device can read all 1D and 2D code symbologies at high speeds and accuracy. The THIR-6000RF is able to read and write to ISO15693 HF tags like, ICode SLI, my-d, Tag-it HF-I, MB89R118, and MB89R119.

The THIR-6000RF features a rugged construction that has been sealed to an IP64 rating and is able to withstand multiple 2 meter drops to concrete. This environmental toughness means the device can be used without issue in distribution and manufacturing settings. In addition to the ruggedness, the THIR-600RF is also lightweight, reducing the stress on the operator during intensive applications.

With its high-performance reading and automatic barcode detection, the THIR-6000RF simplifies and expedites the barcode scanning process. It can even easily read low contrast codes. The THIR-6000RF comes with a bright LED and vibration that clearly notifies the user when a good read has been made, and helps to avoid mistakes caused by reading the same barcode multiple times.

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