TECH Series Close Range Scanners


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TECH Series Close Range Scanners

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TECH Series Close Range Scanners

TECH Series Close Range Scanners

Metrologic’s TECH Series of close range scanners are capable of fitting into small spaces and, when paired with an MX001 industrial controller, can provide “no read” and “invalid label” verification. These extremely rugged scanners offer a durable scanning solution for a variety of applications.

An MI8004 4-port and MI8008 8-port HoloPlexor allows all TECH models to be interconnected in a series allowing data output from all scanners can be combined into a single output. This interconnectivity also provides support for 8000 Series scanners. When used together, both scanners report one barcode as if it is read by either or both scanners, a feature useful for reading both the side and top of a package simultaneously.

When TECH scanners are paired with an MX001 Industrial Controller, they are capable of providing “no read” and “invalid label” warning. Together, they can be used to eject or divert non-compliant items.

TECH scanners are equipped with a rotating polygon mirror in place of a holographic disk in order to provide effective close range scanning. A low maintenance design only requires cleaning of the scan window using commercial glass cleaner and a soft cloth.


  • High-density scanning
  • ”No read” verification
  • Order fulfillment
  • Close range scanning
  • Document processing
  • Presentation scanning
  • Work in process
  • Small conveyors
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