TC55 Touch Computer


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TC55 Touch Computer

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TC55 Touch Computer

TC55 Touch Computer

The TC55 touch computer provides your mobile workers with the tools they need to get the job done. It features advanced wireless and data collection technologies that allow the device to function in the field and provide access to real-time data. This pocket sized computer has a sleek and attractive design that provides comfortable use as well as ruggedness to protect it from the wear and tear of field work. The TC55 is the perfect solution to improve productivity in the field.

The TC55 features a high-resolution 4.3 inch display with HAST LCD technology that makes the screen brighter both outdoors and indoors while also saving the power. The screen has a transflective feature that improves image clarity for outdoor viewing and the capacitive touch panel adjusts to your current environment so that it can work if it’s wet or dry. The TC55 comes with an integrated 1D scanner, 8MP camera, and NFC communications, and it also comes with an option to add a 1D/2D Bluetooth ring-style scanner. In addition to this, the TC55 also comes with Motorola’s clear sound technology that allows the device to transmit and playback voice. It has front-facing speakers and dual microphones that allows for clear voice calling, even in noisy environments.

The TC55 runs on the Android operating system and features a number of integrated applications from Google Mobile Services that have been built on the Android Open Source platform. These applications include apps like Google Maps and Gail. As an option, the TC55 can be shipped in a Professional Configuration that ships without the standard Google Mobile Services and allows you greater control over the device. A variety of applications from Motorola are readily available for the TC55, greatly reducing the time to set-up and deploy the device.

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