Stratos 2700 Point-of-Sale Scanner


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Stratos 2700 Point-of-Sale Scanner

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Stratos 2700 Point-of-Sale Scanner

Stratos 2700 Point-of-Sale Scanner

Honeywell's Stratos 2700 Point-of-Sale Scanner is a hybrid bioptic in-counter scanner and is the first in its class, combining an omnidirectional laser scanner as well as an integrated area imager, providing a barcode reading platform that has been optimized for a smooth and fast checkout experience. It is a perfect solution for self checkout as well as tradition checkout systems and the hybrid platform allow for linear barcodes to be rapidly scanned while still having the capabilities to read 2D and mobile barcodes so that retailers can maintain with the current trends.

Features and Benefits

The Stratos 2700 features a hybrid scanning platform that has been engineered to integrate both imaging and laser technologies to offer a high performance that meets emerging and current trends in retail.

It also features an LCD display with a live video feed that monitors the items under carts which helps with the losses due to shrinkages, which has been estimated at $2500 for each lane per year.

The 2700 also has field-upgradeable single-tool hardware module upgrades which enables the device functionality to be expanded in less than 15 minutes.

Integrated with TotalFreedom 2.0, which is the second generation of Honeywell's software development platform which enables add-on software that can easily run right on the scanner and eliminates any host system modifications. TotalFreedom includes flexible solutions and parsing plug-ins to enable S1 Databar as well as North American driver's licenses.

The Stratos 2700 also comes integrated with Remote MasterMind, a management solution for remote devices that allows for the management, upgrading and tracking as well as all the connected devices and bioptic scanners.

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