Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution


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Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution Strategic Delivery Planning

Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution

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Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution

Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Inventory Management

The Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution combines the use of mobile computers and a Wi-Fi network with x10DATA Mobile and Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to enable warehouse managers to manage and track their inventory. Efficient management of inventory and the ability to properly deliver products reduces the amount of costly write-offs and unsatisfied customers. This solution enables users to:

  • Streamline shipping and receiving operations
  • Record and verify movement of inventory and counts in real time
  • Obtain instant access to accurate item information, such as location, accountability, and productivity

Products Included

  • Two MC9090-G Mobile Computers
  • Cables and power supplies
  • AP5131 Wireless Access Point
  • 4-Slot Charging Cradle
  • Software/hardware technical and warranty support
  • Two x10DATA Mobile Warehouse Manager software licenses

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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