Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution


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Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution

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Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution

Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Inventory Management

This inventory management solution makes inventory tracking simple. This system allows you to easily track inventory levels and movement as well as facilitates physical inventories or cycle counts with the use of comprehensive inventory tracking application and an Intermec CK71 handheld device. The solution is perfect for tracking and managing inventory in small warehouses, stockrooms, and within departments of larger organizations. It provides users with the tools to:

  • Monitor inventory levels and recognize when to order more
  • Take physical inventory or cycle counts
  • Move, receive, and issue inventory times through using existing manufacturer barcodes
  • Track item information, such as serial number, item ID, lot number, item type, cost, expiration type, stock min/max, and more.
  • Date/time stamp transactions resulting in improved accountability

Products Included

  • CK71 with Battery
  • CK71 Dock with Power Supply and Power Cord
  • CK71 Scan Handle
  • USB Cable
  • RedBeam Inventory Tracking Mobile Edition

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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