Stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution


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Stockroom Data Collection Inventory Management Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution

Stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution

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Stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution

Stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Inventory Management

The stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution provides a system which makes inventory tracking simple. It allows you to track item levels and movement as well as take physical inventories or cycle counts with a Motorola MC55 handheld device. The solution is ideal for tracking levels and movement of inventories in small warehouses, stockrooms, and within departments of larger organizations. It allows users to:

  • Track inventory levels and know when to order more
  • Take physical inventories and cycle counts
  • Easily move, receive, or issue inventory items
  • Track item information, such as item ID, lot number, serial number, item type, expiration type, cost, stock min/max, and more
  • Date/time stamp transactions for enhanced accountability

Products Included

  • MC55 Mobile Computer
  • MC55 Cradle
  • RedBeam Inventory Tracking Mobile Edition

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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