Stockroom Cycle Count Inventory Management Solution


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Stockroom Cycle Count Inventory Management Solution

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Stockroom Cycle Count Inventory Management Solution

Stockroom Cycle Count Inventory Management Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Inventory Management

The Stockroom Inventory Management Solution provides users with a system for tracking item levels and movements as well as facilitates physical inventory and cycle count processes in the stockroom, warehouse, distribution center, or store. The solution makes use of LXE’s MX8 handheld computer and Redbeam’s Inventory Control application in order to enable the user to:

  • Speed up movement of inventory
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Minimize out of stock situations
  • Create a central inventory database
  • Increase accountability

The solution works to increase efficiency in the warehouse by reducing shrinkage, optimizing purchasing, and minimizing paperwork.

Products Included

  • MX8 Mobile Computer
  • MX8 Cradle
  • RedBeam Inventory Tracking Mobile Edition

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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