Spectrum24 Mobility Server


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Spectrum24 Mobility Server

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Spectrum24 Mobility Server

Enterprise Cost-Effective Kerberos Security for Wireless LANs

The Spectrum24 Mobility Server from Symbol Technologies is an enterprise-class Kerberos KDC (Key Distribution Center). It protects your Spectrum24 802.11b wireless LAN and mobile clients with advanced security through simple, cost-effective deployment of Kerberos V5- an open security standard developed by MIT. The Spectrum24 Mobility Server authenticates user names and passwords. It also supports dynamic key distribution- issuing a unique key per session per client and a new key at regular time intervals and on every roam. And because the Spectrum24 Mobility Server is so cost-effective, it enables the deployment of authentication services at your wireless LAN sites without the high costs associated with a centralized solution across your wide area network.

Fully-Featured, Reliable and Easy to Use

The Spectrum24 Mobility Server has the features needed for robust security in a demanding mobile environment:

  • Reliability: Proven Linux operating system delivers an extremely high level of reliability 
  • Standards-based, easy to deploy: Utilizes existing infrastructure of your wired LAN, installs behind Symbol's Spectrum24 wireless LAN infrastructure 
  • Easy management and maintenance: A secure web-based interface provides ease-of-use 
  • Flexible storage capacity: A CompactFlash™ slot allows for local AirBEAM package storage 
  • Redundancy: When redundant Spectrum24 Mobility Servers are installed, a built-in mechanism automatically switches to the back-up device if needed 
  • Flexible installation options: Rack-mount, desktop and wall-mount options provide added flexibility for installing devices when and where needed

The Spectrum24 Mobility Server at Work

The Spectrum24 Mobility Server operates on the wired network and works with Spectrum24 802.11b Access Points and clients, providing services required to enable Kerberos. When a Kerberos-enabled client device associates to the network, the user is prompted for a username and password. The access point proxies that information back to the server and, upon successful authentication, delivers a unique WEP key to the client for that specific session. A new key is issued at regular time intervals or whenever the user roams to another access point.

An Investment You Can Count on – Today and Tomorrow

Packed with features, this standards-based server is compatible with your wired and wireless network, with the scalability to grow as your company grows. The Spectrum24 Mobility Server - an investment you can count on to deliver best-in-class Kerberos security for your wireless network today and tomorrow.

Only Symbol offers a complete range of wireless networking products - access points, client connectivity cards, ruggedized mobile voice and data devices and network management software as well as wireless mobility planning and deployment services – delivering high-performance mobility solutions to companies across industries, around the world. Let Symbol help you realize your end-to-end wireless mobile computing strategy for the optimal capture, computing, and communication of data crucial to the success of your business.

The Spectrum24 Mobility Server – the flexible, affordable solution for secure wireless data communications.

Features Benefits
Kerberos V5 Open Security Standard based on the Network Authentication Protocol developed by MIT Supports an enhanced level of security for mobile environments; easy to implement; operating system and application independent
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Services Provides NTP clients with network time information
SuSE Linux 7.2 operating system Provides a high level of reliability
Multiple installation options: rack, desktop and wall mount Provides flexibility to grow as your needs and requirements grow
User accessible CompactFlash card slot Provides for ample local file storage; can be used in conjunction with Symbol´s AirBEAM Smart
Secure web-based interface Allows for simple management and maintenance
Built-in fail-over mechanism Provides automatic synchronization between master and slave servers
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