Spectrum24 4131 Access Point


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Spectrum24 4131 Access Point

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Spectrum24 4131 Access Point

Spectrum24 4131 Access Point

The Spectrum24® 4131 Series of access points from Symbol Technologies delivers a solution to wireless connectivity which provides the WLAN performance needed to support demanding mobile networking as well as voice and data applications. It features support for 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection as well as includes a Motorola 855T processor. It provides IEEE 802.11b Ethernet-Speed Connectivity, ideal for businesses which rely upon wireless devices.

Spectrum24 operates on the 2.4 GHz band at speeds of up to 11 Mbps. It provides a powerful, secure solution to your wireless access needs and connects your workers to the Internet and corporate intranets. It eliminates the costs of wiring when system requirements are in need of temporary and ad hoc networking services. Wireless connectivity provided by the Spectrum 24 can enhance productivity and communications.

A Flexible and Scalable Network

The Spectrum24 4131 Access Point is capable of simultaneously supporting 127 clients who have certified 802.11b client cards, such as Symbol’s PC and CompactFlash™ Wireless Networker™ cards for laptops and PDAs. It can also support desktop and other USB-enabled devices. Adding more access points to the network can increase the support and can be scaled to match the size of your business.

Comprehensive Network Security

The Spectrum24 4131 Access Point uses MobiusGuard in order to achieve the network security needed to satisfy data protection requirements. It uses a combination of 40 and 128 bit WEP encryption, Symbol’s TKIP encryption, KeyGuard, Kerberos V5 based mobile security, RADIUS, and EAP/TLS with 802.1X control of network access in order to provide secure network connection.

The 4131 Access Point possesses a superior security intelligence system which allows it to detect instances of unapproved access to your network and flag it as a security breach. The 4131 is able to detect the presence of hackers’ unauthorized access points close by your facilities in order to protect from denial-of-service and “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

A WLAN Management System with VLAN Capabilities

4131 Access Points enables the use of Extended Service Set Identification (ESSID), which extends VLAN capabilities to the wireless network. Administrators are capable of designating several types of users based on security type, class-of-service, and QoS required all by using a single 4131 Access Point.

A Powerful, Scalable Wireless Solution

The Spectrum24 4131 access point ensures the best throughput and range is achieved by transmitting data at 11 Mbps and then scaling it down to 5.5 Mbps, 2Mbps, and 1 Mbps. As the connected device’s signal strength diminishes, the rate at which data is transmitted also decreases in order to maintain data integrity and functionality.

Local and International Network Roaming

The 4131 allows workers on the network can roam across routers as clients move subnets with mobile IP functionality. This provides persistent connectivity while workers roam around your facility. The 4131 Access Point supports IEEE 802.11d standards and allows for international roaming as it adjusts to the local country and regulatory requirements.


  • Plenum-rated, fire retardant casing
  • Packet engine which classifies video, voice, data and Quality of Service to provide packet prioritization services
  • Improved network management and security through Symbol’s wireless network management tools and use of SNMPv2, Telnet, HTTP, and Serial UI as well as SNMP V3 for enhanced network security
  • Reduced need for outlets and cables with Power-over-Ethernet Hubs which provide power and data to 4131 Access points
  • Omni-directional (360°or directional (20° to 90°) antennas available to meet a variety of power and application needs

Wireless Mobility Solution

The Spectrum24 series of access points provide a comprehensive solution for wireless applications. It combines mobile voice and data devices, access points, client cards, and network management into a wireless solution to be deployed to increase the performance of mobile workers. It provides workers with access to information and the communication capabilities they need to efficiently complete their work.

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