Smartline SLPA7000e RFID Printer


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Smartline SL5000r RFID Smart Labels Thermaline T5000r SR

Smartline SLPA7000e RFID Printer

CATEGORY:RFID > Smart Labels
Smartline SLPA7000e RFID Printer

RFID Smart Label Applicator Solution

All in one
  • Supports Class 0, 0+, 1 
  • Designed for heavy industrial environments 
  • Easily integrates into manufacturing and distribution environments 
  • Performance levels ranging from 20-40 labels per minute 
  • Identifies and rejects "bad" or "quiet" labels ensuring 100% high-performance RFID labels 
  • Supports multiple label sizes for diverse product requirements 
  • Top and side label application orientations, as well as roll-on/front/back 
  • Precise label placements with 1/16" 
  • Optional features for automatic label placement through XY coordinate adjustments 
  • Label roll capacity of both 8" and 12" 
  • Fully integrated controller board, reducing the costs and complexity found in a traditional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

The SLPA7000e is a robust all-in-one system meeting companies' RFID compliance encoding, while also meeting their in-line encode and apply production requirements. Combining RFID smart label printing technology with applicator capability, the SLPA delivers fast, accurate, and costeffective encoding, printing, and application to users with site specific requirements. The SLPA7000e supports multiple label types and is expandable and upgradeable providing broader long-term capabilities for your supply chain requirements. Built on the SL5000e™ MP multi-protocol platform, the SLPA7000e offers a foundation for protocol upgradeability and expansion through firmware updates.

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